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Tournaments, Leagues & Events

The Torrington Country Club proudly supports the competitive, fun and social qualities of golf. We host many official tournaments, outside fundraisers, membership tournaments and leagues.


TUESDAY Ladies League

This league is fantastic for the Ladies! It is a fun and flexable way to allow lady golfers to get together on a weekly basis. Sign ups are posted for any lady golfers wishing to play the following week. Based on the weekly sign ups, teams are formed. The teams play different games each week. The teams can consist of 2, 3 or 4 players depending on the participation and game being played that particular week. This is a very successful league with good participation week to week.

Health Club

The Health Club consisted of a group of men that form 2-man teams playing in two different divisions. The league has a mid season and end of season banquet. The league has mid season and end of season division winners. This league runs a 20 week season starting in late April and running into October..  


Couples League

The Couples are a mixed league, although many teams consist of a married couple there are teams every season that consist of two unmarried friends. The league plays weekly games that consist of two and four man scoring formats. The games change formats weekly. The league plays a 15 week schedule that starts in late April or early May and runs through mid August. The league has weekly prizes and also season long prizes. The season ends with an 18 hole closing round of golf followed by a closing dinner.


Official Tournaments

The Torrington Country Club has held host to the following tournaments:

  • 1946 Connecticut Open
  • 1962 Connecticut Open
  • 1994 Connecticut Amateur Championship (won by PGA Tour Pro J. J. Henry)
  • 1999 New England Women’s Championship
  • 2005 Connecticut Women’s Amateur Championship
  • 2006 Connecticut Amateur Championship
  • 2013 Connecticut Open
  • 2015 Connecticut Senior Amateur Championship
  • 2017 Connecticut Women’s Open
  • 2019 Connecticut Open
  • 2024 Connecticut Amateur Championship

Member Tournaments

  • Ryder Cup
  • Three day Member / Guest
  • Club vs. Club events
  • Ladies Invitational Cup
  • Ladies Solheim Cup
  • Annual Medal “Frank Staszowski Cup”
  • Monthly One-Day Informal Member Guests
  • Memorial Shamble
  • Adult / JuniorTournament
  • Wiggy Cup
  • Club Championships
  • ABCD Tournament

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